Our Story/Background

Edlution was founded in 2013 to provide custom software development in Singapore. Over time, a core team was built to cover the entire spectrum of IT services in Singapore i.e. network administration, full-stack development, testing, technical consultation, writing technical documents, etc.

Through the years of working with our clients, many of whom are startups and SMEs like ourselves, we find that most do not have their own IT team. This means they often lose time navigating tech issues when the time can be used more efficiently on developing and growing their businesses. Hence, we position ourselves as a full IT Solutions team - not only do we build software, but we strive to be the reliable partner that our clients can turn to in getting necessary assistance from setting up infrastructure, navigating hardware and software problems, and free them of the time to focus on their core business.


We are dedicated to helping your business leverage IT solutions and bringing your business to the next level. Whether to build a unique business application or integrate with an existing system, you can trust us to give you the most efficient solution.

Our Philosophy

Understand Core Processes. We aim to provide solutions that can solve real problems on the ground. Understanding our client’s processes is integral, which involves great effort for every project.

Balance speed and function. We set our eyes on helping your business to succeed. Some ideas may take time to build and turn into your dream software. To mitigate this, we are motivated to build quality and useable apps that are scalable to become better with every iteration. With this approach, the app can go to market faster to reap the benefit.

Stay relevant. We believe in constantly seeking out newer and better ways to implement things, so that we can offer the latest and most suitable technology to our clients.